On The Air

We would like to thank the following for showing us support and helping to get our music heard.

EGHRadio – @EGHRocks, @EGHRadio, @annej26
Bandwagon Network – @TBWNRadio
Code Zero Radio – @zczbob
Lonely Oak Radio – @LonelyOakRadio
RBX Radio – @rbxradio
Catorweb Radio – @catorwebradio
RPMC Radio – @RPMCRadio
PopCanRadio – requests@popcanradio.ca
KCEGRadio – @KCEGRadio
Digital Revolutradio – @drrradio
Route 66 Radio – @route66radio
Mid TN Music – @midtnmusic
CHUO 89.1 FM – @CHUOMusic
AVA Live Radio – @avaliveradio
SlamminTunes – @SlamminTunes
Indie Rage Radio – @IndieRageRadio
Open The Door – @OpenTheDoorRadio