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Rebel 101.7 Real Rock Search

Thank you to Moose Mcguire’s and Rebel 101.7 for hosting this fantastic event. Lost at Sea and Abandon Eden put on a wicked show and it was great to share the stage with them! We won the evening and are waiting to hear on the finials in April. Updates will be posted as they become available. Thank you all for the support and for coming out and having a great evening with us.

CBC Searchlight 2018

We are very proud to have been part of this years CBC Searchlight 2018 contest. We can’t thank everyone enough for showing us so much support by voting early, often, and daily. It was greatly appreciated and we thank you once again!

Rebel 101.7 Real Rock Search

We are pleased to be a part of Rebel 101.7 Real Rock Search. Come out to Moose McGuire’s February 17th for what is sure to be an amazing time. Cheers.

Ottawa Live Music 03-22-2018

We will be on CKCU’s Ottawa Live Music March 22nd at 10:00 pm. We’ll be doing a live set and interview. Tune in for what is sure to be a good time and have a few surprises.

Happy New Years

We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who showed us support over this past year. We enjoyed many great experiences in 2017 and are grateful for all of them. Thank you to everyone who picked up our tracks and have them in rotation, all the venue’s who opened their doors to us, all the great bands we got to make noise with, everyone who picked up some merch or albums, and the stations/blogs/sites/and magazine’s that featured or had us on air. We truly can’t thank you enough. We are very excited for 2018 and everything that it brings.

Have a safe and happy new years! Drew, Rob, Josh B, & Josh W

Darkland Promotions Feature.

A big thank you goes out to Italian Metal Queen and everyone at Darkland Promotions for having us as one of October’s featured artists. You can read the review here or head over to our press sections.

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